Waalwijk, The Netherlands


About Jorge Van Meerkerk

Jorge van Meerkerk

Jorge, my wonderful husband, a Native American from Colombia, adopted & raised by Dutch parents brings in a heart warming mix of Indigenous wisdom & Western rationalism into our Healing practice and everyday life. He is dedicated to helping men succeed in life, by healing and helping them with their practice in understanding their ancestral traumas, patterns and unhelpful beliefs.

He brings in beautiful healing energy to all sessions from a compassionate, grounded, realistic, empathetic and creative male perspective.

Together, we create a non-judgmental safe space where clients can experience powerful emotional releases during the sessions, allowing them access to their higher selves, their own inner wisdom & answers to make positive changes.

Jorge has trained with me for the last ten years and is the first person I have taught the Energy – Shamanic healing – Shakti Healing method I have developed. He is in charge of the Realignment Healing for men.

He uses his core skill-set as a coach, Ayurveda therapist and Energy healing practitioner to help identify, address & assist men in healing the imbalances that block them from living a heart centered life. He also holds a degree in Specialist – Care – HBO – SPH who has 2 decades of work experience in psychiatry, severe autism and people with severe mental illness & behavioral problems. He has also been an active volunteer Social worker in Mumbai, India for 7 years and he still is a big sponsor for street children projects in India, Sri Lanka & Nepal.