Waalwijk, The Netherlands


Answering the call of Ancestors

'' No matter how you come to meet me; you leave by feeling the power of your heart ''

Ready to change your story?

Let me help you RESTORE your relationship to yourself and to the world!
Let me help you RECONNECT to your heart & to your ancestors!
Let me help you stand in your power to take charge of your life & dreams!

I have experienced a multidimensional reality as long as I can remember. I always knew / heard / felt that my purpose on Earth is - Connecting Spirit world with the physical world. When I was seven years old, I started actively connecting with the Spirit world - This felt natural for me, still I was terrified in the dark as a child. It took me years of dedicated unlearning, learning and restoring my soul to be able to stand in my true essence and reclaim my power as a Woman Shaman.
I am a woman who chose to believe in the magic of the Universe & power of LOVE and make extraordinary decisions based on it. I was able to use my life’s struggles- illnesses, near death situations and ancestral trauma to transform them into the strength and power that drives me today. Because I have walked the path, I can show you how you can transform your life and build a life you truly desire! Why drown in the pain of your grandmother or great grandma when you can heal the wound, restore your heart connections and live the life you truly deserve!

My struggles -

As a child, I struggled with low self-esteem, anxiety – of worst kind where one must vomit just thinking of going to school or to even talk to people. My struggle with the physical world was so big that I wanted to end my life as I couldn’t fit in. I had this fire burning inside of me which started consuming me with anger & shame, pain & guilt. I was crying & screaming not just for myself but for many of my ancestors, but I dint know this at that time. I couldn’t bear it anymore. I was lonely; the kind of loneliness that questioned the purpose of living when I was 11 or 12 years old.
I tried to take my life several times, just so I could permanently go into the spirit world, where I felt accepted & understood. I struggled to balance & integrate my spiritual gifts and my human nature.

What kept me alive –

*My visions & dreams where Mother Goddess comforted me gave me immense hope
*Prayers - Chanting
*My love for the world

Growing up in a traditional Indian Hindu family, I woke up to my father’s beautiful bhajans & mantra chantings. I have always had a strong connection to our family goddesses - Durga amma and Bhadra Kali amma from my mother's side and Amman from my father's side. Amma in my native language Malayalam means mother. She is my spiritual teacher, mother and guide. Without her, I am nothing. With her on my side, I am never alone. My physical / Biological mother also has a deep connection to Mother Mary, so from a young age I learned that love is love and God & Goddesses are pure love and felt that no matter what they are called, they are all the same, people call them in different names.
I am also a Shaman by birth – lineage, there were always Shamans in my family, we call them priestess or say ‘Goddess is speaking through’’ in my mother land.
One day, I don’t remember how old I was, maybe 8 or 9, I asked my purpose of being here and I heard a voice say – To heal the heart. I dint understand what It meant until years later.
Where my learning started, Why I do what I do -
My human journey started with diseases (from Malaria to Tuberculosis, I have had it before the age of ten. I spend more time in hospitals than at home.
In the stillness of hospital dormitories, I heard the cries of death, birth & pain. I heard the laughter of celebrations and sweet surrender. It is there I learned the value of time. The value of today. The value of now. My love for life got strengthened at a very young age due to several illnesses that kept me confined to my bed and at times in quarantines. I am a child who no one thought would grow old! I am the granddaughter of a woman who was proclaimed mentally ill - depressive all her adult life and was even given severe shock treatments( think of India back in the days) and drugged all her life so that she wouldn't feel her emotions or speak up. I was born carrying all her trauma along with other wounds of my great grandma & other ancestors. I am the Goddaughter of a man - my dearest uncle who committed suicide because of depression. I have seen the suffering of depression, sleep problems and trauma all my life, so It became my deep quest to find ways to bring the help from Spirit world to the physical world. In time, with the guidance of the spirits and my masters and my great mother, I learned to heal my wounds and stand in the wisdom, power and strength of my ancestors. This what I do is my life's work, my mission here on this planet and now I teach people to understand the language of the soul, mind & body, to feel the oneness and activate healing from within. Coming from a lineage of Goddess worshipers and energy workers -shamans, it was only natural I turned to traditional ways for healing and learning.
I do not believe healing must take years, yes it takes time and yes we are all healing & learning all our life, but it does not have to take a decade, first big steps to true healing can happen within a few sessions. My body has healed from the imbalances/ diseases that kept me ill when I was a child, miraculously after my 10th birthday I could get back to a normal life and I love helping people heal and restore their mind – body – heart – spirit system by healing the wounds of our ancestors and moving unhelpful patterns in the sub-conscious mind.
I am also a wife & a mother who loves to pray, chant, dance, travel, make music, paint, write, sing, read, cook, make Ayurveda - plant medicines and spend time in my little garden with my family. We live in a small town in the Netherlands near the dunes and forest, from where I gratefully continue my mission - to help people heal and stand in their true potential.

It is my life’s mission to help you change your unhelpful core beliefs & patterns, teach you to become your own healer so you can evolve into making the life you desire; making and finding the perfect balance between your spiritual - divine and human side.

Deep gratitude for giving me your time & for connecting with me here!
Do all things with GREAT LOVE!
Be Love! Be Kind!

Benefits for Mind - Body - Soul & Home

Let me help you to bring LOVE & Success back in your Personal life & Business!
When you don't have the intimate connections your heart truly desires,
When you unconsciously re-live the pain and trauma of your ancestors,
When you feel spiritual & emotional disconnection,
When you have low physical energy, Insomnia and stress,
It’s easy to feel nervous, defeated or unsure about how to move forward in life,
This blocks your path to success and fulfillment. If you are experiencing any of this,
you are not alone. It can happen to anyone.
The good news is you don’t have to stay stuck.
It’s possible to turn your life around much faster than you think.
Join the transformational inner journey that has helped leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs, parents, healers and coaches!
Allow yourself to change from living a fear based life to a love filled life,
create permanent shifts at a sub-conscious level and awaken the healer within you!

On a Mind & Body level

  • Heal within the Sub-conscious Mind
  • Handle Stress & worries better
  • Improve your Intuition & Productivity
  • Gives rest to your Super brain
  • Get Clarity of mind & come in terms with your fears
  • Improve Sleep & Communication
  • Heal from Insomnia & Sleep problems
  • Learn to listen to your Body & take charge of your Mind
  • Improves over all healing capacity of your Body
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On a Heart & Soul level

  • Deep connection with the Source/ Universe
  • Meet yourself on a Soul level
  • Reconnect with the energy of your Heart
  • Understand your Ancestral patterns
  • Get to know your Super powers
  • Stand & Stay in your Unique Power
  • Getover the feeling of overwhelmed or inadequate
  • Learn to stay Mindful
  • Compassion for self and others
  • Learn ultimate Self love

For Home / Living Space

  • Improve your Health & Family connections
  • Improve Communication & Productivity
  • Enhance your Social Connections
  • Increase Energy & Motivation
  • Create a space that matches your inner transformation
  • Create a Home where you can build your Dream Life
  • Boost your Business / Career /
  • Keep your home free from unwanted energies

Welcome. NAMASTE, beautiful souls!


Place of birth
Kerala, India

Currently living in

Waalwijk, The Netherlands


  • Innate ability to connect & bridge the Spiritual world & the Physical world
  • Creator of Subconscious Mind Healing
  • Some people call me Lady Ayahuasca 🙂 for the ability to bring people into deeper layers within themselves, by transmitting energy.
  • Ability to see the beauty and potential on a Soul level
  • Ability to reconnect people to the energy of their heart, to their higher/ divine self
  • Ability to understand, initiate & realign the energy system and activate healing ancestral trauma & deep rooted ancestral patterns
  • Ability to feel imbalances & balance the energy of living spaces




30 years of experience in bridging the Spirit world & physical – human world

Experienced Shamanic Healer & Energy Healer

Why Reconnect to the Energy of your Heart

When you are connected  to the energy of your heart, you learn to communicate from a place of love and understanding, your empathy, clarity and intuition becomes strong and helps you to be a great leader, great partner, great parent, great friend. In short,a fantastic human being who will be unforgettable at work, on stage and at home.

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