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Bridging Who We Are and Who We Think We Are!

Bridging Who We Are and Who We Think We Are!

There is an enormous gap between who we really are and who we think we are.The implication is simple: Right now, we are seeing everything – including our self – through a perception filter, a sense of self. Yet this self is not who we really are. It is simply an outer persona, that the real you is using as a way to experience the world from a certain perspective.

The ultimate goal of the spiritual path is to close that gap. The biggest challenge on the spiritual path is to let go of all our pre-conceived opinions and beliefs—let go of our perception filters.The reality is that any teaching expressed in words is less than the spiritual reality.
Thus, the real challenge is to let go of everything—especially what we believe we do not need to question. It is not by holding on to anything that we will get to the ascended state. It is only by letting go of every “thing” and attaining the state of pure, raw awareness in which we have no human value judgments, no judgments after appearances. It is only when you do not judge after earthly appearances, that the current appearances on earth will have no power over you.

The Conscious You – the soul in its pure state, sees that all appearances in the material realm are just that: appearances. Thus, they have no power over you as pure Spirit. Returning to this pure perception is the only way to avoid giving material conditions power over us. With that said, we live in a society where we have bills to pay and responsibilities as a parent, daughter, son, partner. This is why the integration of our divinity and humanity is so utmost importance.

So you can have access to your greater mind, still stay grounded and be the best version of you where you are not simply escaping your responsibilities and duties to your family.

One who escapes from life, will always keep running! So let’s take effort to stand grounded, be our best divine and human self, so we become contributors, providers, dreamers, lovers & healers to our families, societies, countries we live in and also extending to our whole race!
Would love to hear what you think!

Make the most of today, beautiful ones!
Be Love! Be Kind!

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