Waalwijk, The Netherlands



After my healing started my two daughters who hardly talked to me turned around and suddenly wanted to have a relationship with me. We tried therapy and counselling for years but nothing seem to work. Now we have this wonderful respectful relationship. This is what I am most happy with along with healing my ancestral trauma and healing my heart wounds. For years i dint know why I was depressed.I got fedup of medicines that gave me more side effects and disease. I was repeating the vicious cycle of my grandmother and mother who had no relationship with their daughters. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Shaman Rakhee for helping me heal all these trauma. Now I see my grandchildren, I see my daughters and there is a sense of respect and acceptance from all our sides. I also healed my relationship and money blocks that kept me poor inside my heart and life. If everyone in the world gets a chance to work with her, there will be peace possible in family life and world. 

Melinda, Entrepreneur, Netherlands

Look nowhere if you want to be in charge of your life. I got my relationship issues sorted after working with Rakhee, countless therapies and years of doing healing work with several top coaches and healers. I stopped smoking, my drinking is minimum and even stopped coffee. My business is booming,I love to show up to work, employees adore me, I can see I am building the business I dreamed about. Having a personal Shaman on my side is just insanely helpful, I literally stopped using all my time doing unhealthy,unproductive things. Seeing and learning about my trauma and patterns and intensely working with it has turned me around to accepting myself. My time efficiency and how effective I am is at an all time high in my life, still I am not spiraling down and going restless and i am not going to burn out like before. I don't waste my time about insignificant things at home or business, get straight to sorting things and not circling around and making my days miserable. I am happy I got to this place in life. Ra 's extremely easy to talk, practical, realistic and has a nice sense of lightness and humor. There are no judgmental looks and advice coming from her, no matter how complex the issue is. She finds a way out for her clients. AMAZING person and an AMAZING shaman.

Peter, Entrepreneur & Coach, Amsterdam

There are no words to describe how grateful I am for Shaman Ra. I’m so grateful for her clear voice, vision, way she shares her gifts,knowledge and loving presence. I had been searching my whole life ( done Ayahuasca for 3 times with little effect plus countless years of retreats and plenty of healing programs) for someone to help bring me back “home” to my true Self and no other spiritual teacher, shaman, modern or ancient medicine or healer,  has made an impact like she has.  Healing and transformation is very challenging  to the human intellect and ego but Ra's nurturing and caring presence feels like I’m being enfolded into the arms of an angel,like  a mother, a sister always encouraging and always supporting me. This is the only person- coach and mentor i have felt who really stands with you through the whole program. Priceless services made to look so down to earth and natural. This woman is the real deal. Go for it!

L. M. Johnson, Entrepreneur, United States

Rakhee, thank you so much for the gift you`ve given to me. Our meeting happened just perfectly, in a time when I was needing the most the guidance & words that you were about to give me. Thank you for your insightful wisdom. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for helping me face the things that have been all along in front of me but chose not to look at them. Now it`s good. And Thank You, because thanks to you I was able to return to my inner truth, to see it, to accept it, to embrace and own it: I am wonderful and I am so much worth it. Thank you, my dear. May God bless your kind and beautiful soul always.

Cristina, Writer, Entrepreneur, Romania

Rakhee was bang on. I watched with almost an open mouth at her as she read me inside-out. It was an overwhelming experience at first and I was pleasantly surprised how to-the-point she was. If you are sensitive to your own blocks or what is holding you back, this is not for you. However, if you want a deep analysis and have a path towards growth, this is highly recommended. I am looking forward to my follow-up sessions with her and excited to what it may unveil." Kind regards and lots of love,

Rishabh Sharma, Engineer & Healer, Eindhoven, Netherlands

The Energy Scan is a profound experience in reconnecting with the soul. Rakhee sets a welcoming, loving, nurturing environment in which your true self can unfold and unwind. Her insights really hit home with me, her guidance is outstanding. The same day, I already noticed shifts in my energy, and, as she predicted, there is a sense of peace from the soul being acknowledged. It feels like a lot more will fall into place over the next days from this Energy Scan alone!! Looking forward to doing more soulwork with this incredibly talented soul. For anyone seeking true guidance on the journey to unlock their potential, this is the place to be."

Marlice Pauline, Amsterdam

Dearest Rakhee, Thank you is not enough. I cannot forget the day I met you. I just knew my life will change after our meeting and it did. You made what we thought impossible happen. Rakhee went out of her way to help us and we are very moved by her kindness and speechless to have witnessed what she can do with her powers and gift. My husband has been depressive for many years, even admitted in hospitals because of his illness. No one could find out the real reason and we thought this is the way our life will be. Nothing seemed to work for us. We practice meditation. Yoga and live a healthy life but life in our house was very difficult. We could never find ourselves at peace or relaxed. Like there was something else stopping us or watching us. When Rakhee came to our house, our dogs went to her and stayed near her the whole time she was there. That was simply beautiful. Our dogs never go near strangers and show affection.It was amazing to watch how all of us was changing, opening up in her presence. Rakhee went around our house and after being in my husband's office. She felt the presence of a soul - an energy in my husband's office room and asked us not to enter the room till she sort things. My husband has lived in this house for many years. And this energy had a big impact on his mental health. We always wondered what the cause of his illness was but never found until now. I knew there was something there and it was a big relief to get confirmation. Rakhee communicated with the soul and after three days, we could enter the room again. What a change. We don't feel that we are stopped or watched anymore. Like our house has a total new energy and our minds have cleared off from blocks and limited beliefs. We still follow all the routine cleansing like she advised. After the healing and balancing from Rakhee, We started moving and making all the changes she advised. With in a few days we started feeling lighter as if someone has lifted big weight from our shoulders. My husband's changes were so prominent after a week, and now after three months, he is still feeling great.His use of medicines have become less. His mind is getting stronger day by day. It’s just amazing what Rakhee can do. I am feeling peace and positive energy in all corners of my house. Even our dogs are happier and more at peace after meeting with Rakhee and approaching her for healing our hearts aswell as our home. Thank you, thank you again, What a gift you have.

Peter en Yvonne, Belgium

I had consulted Shaman Rakhee , not too long ago on some issues of my home and health and on how I felt!!!! Well this wonderful young LADY HAS THIS AMAZING EMPATH VISIONARY SIGHT.... She was able to diagnose me sitting in The Netherlands. I am in the United States. She warned me of a possible HEART PROBLEM. My heart was healthy as far as I knew but because she warned me, I decided to get myself checked. In a routine check, the doctor said all looks healthy but To my surprise I wound up in the emergency ROOM , exactly 1 month later due to heart related problems!!!!!! I was so taken with Rakhee's GENTLE YET WONDERFUL, POWERFUL GIFTS!!!! I would look into her gifts if circumstance need be! AMEN! God bless everyone!

H.Teresa Lee, Entrepreneur, Arizona, USA

Dear Rakhee Let me first of all thank you for all the wonderful things that are happening to me…..because of the healings for my heart and home you did.God has destined certain people to do wonders on his behalf but seldom had we realized. Of course we can call them as Gurus, Mediums or Shamans. First, Rakhee started by healing my heart. Rakhee helped me reconnect with my mom, who i lost when I was very young. I even saw a glimpse of her presence in front of me and I learned how I can ask my mothers guidance and how I can stay connected with her. Then she moved on to healing my home. People usually say that we must never hide anything from doctors and advocates… same goes with Rakhee. There is no need to hide because there is no judgement from her. I am very proud and happy to say that Rakhee Krishna is one among those who knows what exactly need to be done for another, who with the help of energies and elements can bring a big change in your life. My life was going on for a toss before connecting with her. Nothing was working out for me, and I was helpless and desperate. But she came on the right time and helped me turn around my life, with her home healing and balancing. All of Rakhee's advices are doable, she thinks together with you, your interior, your life style and then gives a custom made advice, I did the changes she asked me to do and wooowww that was amazing, within two days, I was called back from a company I had applied a job several months ago and had even forgotten about. The over all communication at home improved very much and my children are happier, and I have all the strength I need to go forward in life ….. Everything I do now is turning out good for me……. I am happy, much relaxed… and always feels that the air around me is so friendly…… and positive.

Mithra, Kochi, India

A visit to a very kind hearted spiritual doctor ( Shaman) *Dear readers, I have been struggling for few years of being childless and many other underlying issues from my teenage years. I was also looking for someone like Rakhee for some time, however I did not know where to look for. As my internet research skills aren’t the best ;), I just waited and I was also too involved in other work related activitiesRakhee’s home is very warm and welcoming. She welcomed me open arms .I also had the honour to meet her husband – Jorge who is also a wonderful soul and very kind hearted.Her approach is so calming and serene that I just felt like listening to her to entire day. We spoke at length about various things and she never interrupted and listened patiently, which is her biggest strength and gift. Her eyes are extremely healing, child like and peaceful. After speaking to her, I already feel I am on a road to transitioning from my old locked self to a more shackle free person. I feel more peaceful inside and I am being gentler to myself and people around me. I believe in things happening at a certain time of my life and meeting her is one of those feelings. This was my first meeting with her and I definitely intend going back to her. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for inner peace despite his or her life going well and cannot understand why there is unrest within. Please do not get anxious by seeing her website, as it portrays her as an unreachable someone from the outer world. She is normal human being and a very kind hearted lady with healing skills, which she has developed, maintained and enhanced over the years. And she is here to help and heal. So please consider her as a spiritual doctor which I did when I went to see her. I hope this give you an insight to what she is doing and what I have written are my personal views and experiences when I met her for the first time. As Rakhee always ends her notes by saying ‘ be kind, be love’….I would like to add ‘ Believe in yourself to take the step and you will see the wonders it does to your inner self ‘ . Thank you Rakhee with my heart full of gratitude and immense respect for what you are doing and please continue to touch people’s hearts with your noble work.

Anita Arjan, Den Bosch, Netherlands

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for having had the opportunity to have such a gifted and spiritual person assist me with making my home a better place. I learned amazing things about my home and also about myself that have truly been life changing. In the beginning I was very overwhelmed by all the information and the changes that needed to be made but with your encouragement and exceptional patience I was able to understand the importance and the impact these much needed changes would have on my life. I am most grateful for the way you took extra time to work with me as I waded through setbacks and technical difficulties. I have always believed a home is a sacred place, but this wonderful experience has increased my understanding and my faith exponentially. May the Creator bless you and your family for the wonderful and important work you do. Peace and Love,

Queen Taylor, Maryland, United States

A poem about Rakhee --- Thoughts, come and go A thought which captures your mind Is forever stuck in your soul A thought which comes back to haunt you Are your inner demons coming back from the past A dream which you feel you are so close to having Comes and goes which shakes your faith to no end And you wonder , will that dream ever come true Thoughts come and go And then comes an angel into your life A soul, a healer , a gentle being So kind and so serene That you feel you can just sit and talk to her for hours Which she happily would with a very sincere heart She has other people who are reaching out to her A mother at first , she has to take care of Her gentle young soul who is as gifted as her And her kind and gentle soul mate who is also her pillar In her journey towards healing They are a gift to humankind and yet so humble Thoughts come and go A gift which I was blessed with in my life The angel who spoke to me like she knew me from before The connection I felt with her in few days of knowing her Is as uncanny as I have met you before and I do not from where The mother in her is concerned about her gentle little son As he too is blessed with a gift as special as her’s I listen to a mother’s concern and request her with my sincere heart To continue guiding her little gentle soul As the world needs more of her As her gift needs to be passed on To heal, to calm and reflect with the troubled souls She smiled and goes on speaking with a sincere heart Thoughts come and go I wonder in amazement how we connected so quickly I did not for even a second doubt her intention I humbly accept her as my angel and a God sent gift As many others I believe I will be healed A day will come when I will be peaceful inside A day will come when I will be healed of my wounds A day will come when I will let go of my warrior shield A day will come when I will get off my riding horse A day will come when I will put down my sword A day will come when I will break all barriers within And be able to enjoy life as it is Be able to enjoy peace and calmness within Be able to feel at home and feel grounded As I am confident she is one who will guide me And I will be redeemed of my past and inner demons Towards becoming a peaceful woman Towards becoming a feminine divinity Towards bridging who I was to who I have become Towards become a peaceful me Thoughts come and go, With lots and lots of love, gentle hugs and a heart full of gratitude,

Priya Singh, Rotterdam, Netherlands

I have come to Rakhee at a time when I feel I am at the cross-roads to further spiritual development. I was inspired to reach out to her and sign up for the Spiritual Intervention course and I believe I have landed at the right place. As with any cross-road, I have been confused, scared and longing for a authentic guide. Rakhee has been all that and more. The depth of knowledge she has in incredible, I have always been blessed with great clarity on the questions or topics I approach Rakhee with. Her gentle ways of listening and reassuring is greatly helping me at this time. Our journey together has just began, I am grateful to the Universe for bringing us together in this journey. Thank you Rakhee, you are exceptional!

Meera Macaroni, Coach, Germany

All my previous experiences with Rakhee were always insightful and wonderful and I always shared it with my friends and colleagues as they are all interested in hearing about my meetings over skype with this special Shaman friend. Such a conversation captured the attention of two of my colleagues who are also good friends of mine. They expressed a desire to meet this wonderful Shaman friend of mine and we set up a Skype consult with Rakhee. What surprised me the most was the amount of detailed information Rakhee picked up just by looking at their faces. She told so much about these people she hadnever never met before. She spoke about their family lives , childhood and also what troubled them most, talking in detail even about relationship issues. We are in the United States and she is in the Netherlands and I was a witness in the procedure which lasted around 2 hours during which Rakhee did Soul reading sessions for them. My friends just sat near me and Rakhee looked straight through them.She sensed their energy and interpreted it and talked about their physical as well as emotional issues. Rakhee’s diagnosis was precise and accurate, not vague or generalized. She even named the exact bone which had the imbalance of energy (that bone was fractured in an accident that happened years ago). I was witnessing all this inopen mouthed wonder and awe. For my friends, it was an ethereal and a very surreal experience. It is unbelievable for them that a person who they just met over Skype could see some very personal physical and emotional struggles they have. Rakhee was able topin point the root cause of their issues and suggested remedies. It is wonderful that this kindhearted Shaman can bring such a positive change in the lives of people around her. I am honored to have known Rakhee in my lifetime. I hope, wish and pray that she will be able to spread more and more of the spirit's wisdom that comes through her thereby making wonderful things happen in our world.

Nima Nair, Teacher, Virginia, United states

I wanted to take the time to thank you for all of your incredible work! Your ability to connect with me and identify the imbalances in my home environment and repeated limiting behavioral and thought patterns has been amazing! I was astonished by your ability to accurately describe how my home environment was impacting me both physically and psychologically. Your warm and kind spirit were evident from the start. I am forever grateful for your life altering assistance. Sincerely,

Lynne. R, Management Consultant, USA.

She's my go to person for emotional, spiritual health and wellness. I've been struggling with extra baby weight after my last baby was born 4 years ago. I've been feeling very tired regularly and not eating well, reaching for sweets instead of having a balanced meal. Discussed this with Rakhee and she suggested this personalized Dietary Consultation to help identify foods I should and shouldn't be eating to help my body be healthy again. Well little did I know about the transformation that was going to happen! I'm amazed everyday! My energy is up up up, no need for morning coffee. I don't crave anything sweet and look forward to my meals. I fit into my clothes better and I'm just thrilled with the results! Rakhee suggested a few meal ideas and also outlined best times for me to eat and all I can say is WOW! I should have done this sooner! Thank you thank you Rakhee!

Svetlana S, New Jersey, United States

Les conseils d'après les dons shamaniques de Rakhee m'ont été précieux dans différentes situations, tant pour ce qui concerne la famille que le travail... J'ai été très satisfaite de ses consultations et les conseille vivement à tout le monde! Rakhee peut également être une intermédiaire entre les êtres chers perdus et vous-mêmes pour tenter de répondre à vos questions.

Selin. Fribourg. Switzerland.

First of all, I would like to thank you for considering me and coming forward to help me. A lot of valuable hours of yours was spent on this and your patient listening and promptness during the entire process is highly appreciated. In this healing process you have suggested around 20 changes to be made and i must honestly say we didn't incorporate all the twenty but the mandatory ones and the others as per convenience we changed. I must tell you,the change was immense. As you said, we waited for a week for the energies to become active and after a week the change was noticeable. A kind of peace and serene was felt and all the problems that i discussed with you was going minimal with each passing day. On the whole it was a life changing experience. Once again thank you so much for helping us.Your timely follow ups on almost everyday through out the process is highly commendable and the time devoted by you is more than one can really ask for.

Krish.K & family, Mumbai

Hoi Rakhee, Dikke dank je wel voor je bezoek aan mijn huis. Ik woon er nu een half jaar, maar het was moeilijk om ‘vriendjes’ te worden met mijn huis. Het bleef maar een kale boel. Zodra ik wakker werd, zocht ik een reden om de deur uit te vliegen. Heel onrustig. En nu ben ik opeens best graag thuis. Ik heb spontaan leuke dingetjes gekocht om het gezellig te maken. En ben ik in de tuin aan het werk. Voor het eerst! Het gaat vanzelf. Ik heb nu meer rust, omdat ik nu af en toe lekker thuis kan zijn. Heel fijn. En dankzij jouw tips voor mijn kantoor (bureau verschuiven en het raam op specifieke tijden openen) heb ik ineens een fijne werkplek, waar ik geconcentreerd kan werken. Ik kon er eerst nog geen twee uur zitten, omdat ik me dan niet lekker voelde. En nu zat ik gisteren opeens 4 uur aan een stuk aan één project te werken. Totale concentratie. Project in één keer klaar! Hands on, I love it. Na alle prachtige ervaringen met hoe de levens van mensen enorm verbeteren nadat ze hun huis aangepast hebben op basis van jouw advies, blijft het mij verbazen hoe mijn huis ook mijn leven beïnvloed. Eerst keihard ‘vechten’ om dingen voor elkaar te krijgen. En na jouw hulp: hup, dingen lukken opeens wel. Dikke dikke dikke dank je wel. Veel liefs!

Joyce Veldsink, Life coach, Netherlands

You are an old soul Rakhee, so much wisdom and love from you. You healed my heart with your love and helped me see the beauty around. After the home healing I am finally able to do all that I wanted to do, i have the energy, support and peace in my house. Thank you for sharing this amazing gift with all of us.

Jenni, Chicago, United States.

Namaste Rakhee, I still cannot believe how my body suffering from Rheumatism changed in a few days. After your healing, my eating, sleeping got healthier and better. I have so much more energy to spend with my family, everyone tells me I am smiling a lot more and is looking younger. All thanks to you!

Tracy, UK

Het bezoek van Rakhee was een hele bijzondere ervaring. Van te voren was ik best een beetje zenuwachtig, omdat ik niet precies wist wat ik kon verwachten. Ik ben een nuchtere maar ook zeer gevoelige dame. Al tijden voelde ik mezelf erg onrustig in mijn huis. Continu had ik het gevoel dat ik in huis e.e.a. moest veranderen, alleen wist ik niet wat. Spullen weg doen of toch bewaren? Meubels verplaatsen, maar waarheen? Klusjes afmaken of toch maar verhuizen? Ik vond het spannend wat Rakhee in mijn huis zou voelen en was ook best bang voor antwoorden die ik misschien zou krijgen. Rakhee heeft mij volledig gerust gesteld en voelden precies aan wat ik nodig had. Er was tijd en ruimte voor een gesprek en voor het stellen van alle vragen die ik had. Rakhee is oprecht geïnteresseerd, luisteren en denken met je mee. Sterker nog, zij wisten van te voren al wat ik ging vragen! ze is door mijn huis gelopen en in iedere ruimte de energie gevoeld. Na drie dagen heb ik een mail met alle adviezen ontvangen en ik ben aan de slag gegaan met het verschuiven van de meubels in mijn woonkamer. Één van de adviezen was het vrijmaken van een deur waar een boekenkast voor stond. Ik heb de boekenkast weggehaald en jeetje, wat voelde dát fijn! De dagen erna heb ik mijn hele huis kamer voor kamer aangepakt. Na een paar dagen was ik helemaal klaar. En in de tussentijd heb ik zóveel meer energie en ook rust gekregen. Voor het eerst sinds jaren heb ik een hele avond achter de piano gezeten en muziek gemaakt, op mijn gemak een krant en een boek gelezen, met rust in mijn lijf op de bank tv gekekenn. Maar ook ben ik gaan sporten, voel ik me vrolijk en voel ik vooral zoveel LIEFDE! Gedurende de "verbouwing" heb ik met Rakhee contact gehouden. Ze heeft me gecoacht en geholpen bij iedere stap die ik zette. Ik heb gestuurd van het resultaat en bijna dagelijks geschreven hoe ik me voelde, wat haar bezoek met me deed. En ik herinner me heel goed dat ik schreef: het voelt alsof ik "love you" wil opschrijven. En zo voelt het dus. Heerlijk! Wat een voorrecht om Rakhee Krishna te hebben mogen ontmoeten en te hebben mogen ontvangen in mijn huis. Ik geniet er nog iedere dag van <3 Dank je wel lieverd <3"

Marjon, Den bosch

Ik ben net in een ander huis gaan wonen en heb Rakhee uitgenodigd om mijn huis en kantoor te balanceren. Terwijl ze bij me was vertelde ze me dat de energie niet goed circuleert in mijn huis. Dat deze 'stuck' is. Ze heeft mijn huis een healing gegeven en is naar huis gegaan. Ze mailde me daarna met de vraag of ik hormoonproblemen had. Ik vertelde dat ik al twee en een halve maand niet ongesteld was geweest en dat ik me daar een beetje zorgen over maakte. Pas op dat moment realiseerde ik mij dat ik iets meer dan twee en een halve maand in dit huis woon. Ik had het verband nog niet gelegd. En wat gebeurt er 1 dag later: mijn menstruatie is weer op gang! Zoooo blij!! Rakhee heeft de energie circulatie in mijn huis op gang gebracht en daarmee ook de circulatie in mijn lijf. Ik ben heel dankbaar. Anders had ik wéér naar ziekenhuizen en homeopaten moeten gaan. En niemand had geweten waar het aan ligt. Het was gewoon de energie van mijn huis die op mij doorwerkte. En dat doet die nog steeds, maar nu op een goede manier. Ontzettend bedankt, Rakhee!

Patricia, Tilburg, Nederland

Dear Rakhee, I can’t tell you how thankful my family and I for the Element healing and for your amazing gifts. The changes you brought us are amazing. Our teen age children are finding great changes with their concentration, communication and energy levels. My husband always slept poorly andhe is sleeping better now. I had terrible head aches for many years and that don't trouble me any more.I feel at peace with myself andi don't want to sell our house anymore . (We were almost putting our house for sale). If you had not happened to us,We would have done that and that would have been a mistake. My daughter had a bad injury which took weeks to heal and she is healing quicker than ever. Communication has become much much better here that we finally feel like we have happiness back in our lives. You are so down to earth and giving, you were extremely patient with all of us. I feel very blessed for the chance to have met you.

Anna & family, United Kingdom

Ik ben net verhuisd naar een nieuw huis. Ik was in mijn vorige huis al gewend om niet goed te slapen, vanwege alle drukte in mijn hoofd. Dus toen het hier ook weer heel rommelig en druk was in mijn gedachten terwijl ik sliep vond ik dat normaal. Rakhee kwam bij me langs en keek met mij naar de slaapkamer. Ze ging naar huis en appte me diezelfde avond: ik moest mijn bed op een andere plek in de kamer zetten en het raam onmiddelijk sluiten. Het raam mag alleen in de ochtend open. Zo gezegd, zo gedaan. Die nacht sliep ik nog wat onrustig. Maar daarna is het totaal veranderd. Ik ga naar bed, slaap meteen en wordt 's ochtends rustig wakker. Ik droom wel, maar geen warrige rollercoaster meer in mijn hoofd. Wat is dat heerlijk zeg! Een paar weken geleden liet ik per ongeluk de hele dag het raam open staan. Ik deed het raam 's avonds dicht, ging naar bed en sliep die nacht weer net zo onrustig als van te voren. Ik stond totaal verward op. En toen voelde ik pas goed, hoe blij ik ben met mijn nieuwe nachten, waarin ik werkelijk kan uitrusten. Dank je wel Rakhee voor dit advies. Een goede nachtrust is het begin van een goede dag! Ik ontvang je heel graag volgende week om mijn hele huis op die manier te balanceren!

Joyce, Denbosch, Nederland.

Merhaba Rakhee, Seninle konustugum zaman inanilmaz pozitif enerji aliyordum bunu evim icine de verdigin icin tesekkurler. Evimizi ziyaret ettiginde biz anlatmadan sen zaten herseyi hissetmistin . Verdigin birkac oneri ile birlikte gozle gorulur derecede degisiklikler oldu. Kendimizi cok daha huzurlu ve rahat hissediyoruz. Evimizin icerisindeki esyalarin sekli ve yonunun bizleri ne kadar etkiledigini seninle ogrendim. Muslumanlar icin Kabe (Mekke) yonu cok onemlidir . Calismalarinda senin icinde onemli oldugunu gorunce cok sasirdigimi soylemek isterim. Sevgili Rakhee, hersey icin tesekkur ediyorum.

Celal & family, Turkey

I would like to thank you for everything, thank you for helping me even without knowing me. There are hardly any healers these days who does the things Rakhee does for her clients, she very selfless and humble and uses her spiritual gifts with a lot of kindness.She gives every paying clients and non paying clients or clients who pay little by little the very same service. Everybody is like V.I.P in her eyes and heart. This reason alone I can say she will be blessed always. I want to share my experience with Shaman Rakhee. For a long time I was not able to sleep properly due to nightmares. My energy was draining and I was getting more and more restless. I always saw a girl, a bad spirit running behind me to catch me and when the dream was over I couldn't get up I felt like I am still in the nightmare. Then after one month my friend also got the same kind of nightmares. We did everything possible, but these nightmares continued every night. My friend got so scared,she dial Rakhee's number and our luck she answered. She spoke to Rakhee about the situation. It was her evening time and not her working hours, still seeing the urgency of the situation, she immediately decided to help us and started a direct communication with the spirit. The things Rakhee asked my friend was really shocking and surreal but knowing her spiritual gifts, we knew she will get to the root causes and can deal with any kind of spirits to help us. She could see the past clearly and help us timely. She asked whether we both have gone to a place which is near highway with a dead lake and lot of trees kind of jungle ,then we remembered that before Six months we had been to a place like that. Rakhee did an Element healing for both our houses too in that same week and within the time she said, the bad spirit stopped troubling us. We made all the changes asked by her in our rooms. After that it was unbelievable how the nightmares stopped, sleep got better and lot of good energy and joyful things started happening in our lives. Thank you very much for helping us. God bless you Sister!!!

M. Singh, New Delhi

Je hebt me met jouw helder zicht gewezen op een pijn die in mij zat waar ik me voorheen helemaal niet bewust van was, ondanks dat ik al 30 jaar met zelfontwikkeling en healing bezig was. Het lijkt erop dat dit een voor mij nog missend puzzelstukje is waardoor de puzzel nu compleet kan worden. Het borrelt nu flink in mij. Ik ben weer begonnen met mediteren. Ik voel dat daar nu echt ruimte voor is omdat ik iets zwaars heb losgelaten. Ik kijk met een positief en hoopvol hart naar het vervolg van mijn leven! Dankjewel lieve Rakhee. Ook voor al je liefdevolle interesse in me. Het is rijk dat ik je in mijn leven mocht ontvangen.

Connie, Nederland.

We are currently living for more than a year and half in a villa apartment in Qatar. It is a beautiful and spacious 2 bedroom house but I never felt relaxed at home, always anxious and worried about something or the other. Never getting goodnights sleep. Managing just 3-4 hrs of shut eye each night. Even losing interest in cooking, which i used to be very fond of.. In fact I disliked being in the kitchen. It was physically and mentally painful. Eating out on many days was turning out to be unhealthy and expensive...all three of us i.e, my husband myself and my daughter constantly felt drained and tired. It was as if there was no room for us to move around and we kept loosing things or constantly fixing the tap or lamps or fixtures one after the other. It was a never-ending tiresome process. Rakhee was happy to help us, and immediately fixed a Skype appointment within the week amidst her busy schedule. In fact she postponed her other works to do a home balance consultation for us because she could feel that our situation was critical. We first had to fill her pre-appointment form and email it so she could get a clear idea of our issues. Next we had to send her photos of our rooms in as-it-is condition, outside area and terrace. Later, during the one on one skype chat she viewed the interior as well as the exterior of our house even adjacent buildings. During this interaction she sensed that the energies in the house was pretty messed up. She then forwarded the remedies after 2 days via email which consisted of shifting furniture around the house opening or closing specific doors and windows at specific time of the day according to the energy flow. That was it! No rituals, no chanting of hymns or mantras, not a penny spent buying unwanted stuff, nor did we throw out anything.. As in this season Qatar is prone to frequent dust storms, we couldn’t consistently keep the doors and windows open as specified but we could finish moving the furniture. To be honest there were no overnight miracles. In fact, my daughter and husband fell ill and I was extremely fatigued even sleeping through the day... Rakhee had already warned us about such side effects for some people during what she called as the shift in energies in the house. But I felt sad that probably there was no cure for our troubles. But then changes started happening. My daughter and husband’s health got better. We started to sleep better at night and felt less tired during the day..and most of all i began enjoying cooking in my kitchen even trying out new recipes. These days i am thrilled to hear my hubby’s constant appreciation of my cooking lol. We definitely feel the positivity around our home.. even friends who visit us have noticed these changes. After Rakhee’s very effective home balance consultation our HOUSE has become a better looking HOME with a peaceful and relaxing environment...and keep enjoying the positivity. I am ever grateful to Rakhee for helping us out of what seemed an impossible situation..and bringing our happiness and peace of mind back to us. Being a thorough professional she was in constant touch with us from day one. Enquiring about the changes or giving guidance and support through the difficult times. Once again thanks a million dear. You are a wonderful soul.

Jwanita & family, Qatar

Thank you for the eye opener. Your reading was intuitive and accurate and the way you explained it to me was very sweet and kind. Thanks especially for taking an interest in me and giving me suggestions to expand my life. With so much love and gratitude.

Anand Warrier , New Delhi.

Willing Suspension of Disbelief - that is what I would like to call my experience with Rakhee. It is with fear of some unknown, hesitation, reluctance and doubt that I moved into this house last summer.Then I made a consult with Rakhee. Everything she told me about this house and how things were happening were very correct. She asked me to move away as soon as possible. She could sense the depth of the situation much before I could, even though she is in Europe and I am in the U.S and She understood the situation in a much deeper dimension. It was one of those houses that you clean and clean and clean and it is still not clean and a general air of negativity was there always. So no matter how hard I try, nothing was working out in my life. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I could not move from that house even though Rakhee repeatedly told me to do so. My life was "convenient" in many ways if I lived in that house. But the price I had to pay was with my health, my peace of mind and my general progress in any matter. Everything was crumbling around me, my relationships suffered with every human being around me.I realized that I really have to move out of there, or I will suffer more losses and have more trouble but I was waiting till my daughter finished school (convenience!). Rakhee identified the energy that was staying closest to me and all I had to do was pray to the energy which was waiting for me to request help. I don't know if it was Rakhee's prayers and wishes for me or my destiny, I finally moved. That decision changed the world. It changed everything. Help started coming from unknown sources. I got a big financial grant from my university, my child's school supported us in ways I could not have imagined. Everything started falling into place.. I am so glad I moved out of that house, though I kept delaying the change that I had to make. I do not have words to express my gratitude for the kind and supportive person that Rakhee is. Am I blessed to have known her in this lifetime? YES..Without her, I would have lost everything, including my own daughter. I do not know what power Shamans have, it is beyond the understanding of an ordinary human like me. But I know Rakhee has the power. She will call in help from other worlds for your well - being. Rakhee is truly blessed and she is using her power to make the life of the people she connects with, better. For me, Rakhee is my guardian angel..She loves everyone unconditionally and make the lives of other people better.

S. Nair & family, United states

Rakhee, thank you so much for the call we had, and for the gift you`ve given to me. Our meeting happened just perfectly, in a time when I was needing the most the guidance & words that you were about to give me. Thank you for your insightful wisdom. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for helping me face the things that have been all along in front of me but chose not to look at them. Now it`s good. And Thank You, because thanks to you I was able to return to my inner truth, to see it, to accept it, to embrace and own it: I am wonderful and I am so much worth it. Thank you, my dear. May God bless your kind and beautiful soul always. ''

Cristina Istrati, Novelist, Romania

''Toen ik jullie ontmoette was Reuben heel gespannen, snel huilen en heel moeilijk te bereiken met uitleg over een situatie. Ook vond hij het heel moeilijk om zelf in slaap te vallen. Heel gespannen en onrustig slapen, hij werd vaak in de nacht wakker en kwam dan naar mij toe. Hij was heel snel aan het huilen. Na de eerste behandelingen zag ik dat hij op de bank bij jullie in ieder geval rustig bleef liggen, hij hield zichzelf wakker en alert maar hij wilde het wel graag en bleef liggen. De keren daarna viel hij tijdens de behandeling in slaap en kon hij zich overgeven aan de behandeling. In de avonden kon hij niet slapen en kwam bij mij in de huiskamer en dan vertelde hij dingen over het leven of over de dood. Hij vertelde ook over een busongeluk waar veel werd geschoten en dat hij ook een kogel in zijn arm had gekregen. Ook vertelde hij dat hij weer terug in mijn buik zal komen en dat ik hem dan Emma moet noemen. Hij kon na het praten dan wel gaan slapen in zijn eigen bed. De 1 na laatste keer zag ik aan hem dat hij meer kon vertellen over zijn behoeftes en ook kon luisteren en vragen wat hij wilde. De Reuben die ik nu zie is echt heel bereikbaar, rustiger en snapt veel van de wereld om hem heen. Dit is dankzij jullie behandeling. Reuben heeft ook de rust gevonden in de vreselijke verhaaltjes over de afelopen jaren, met de trauma’s. maar het is duidelijk dat dit was toen hij heel klein was en dat het nu voorbij is.

Rosa & family, Ijburg, Amsterdam

'I work with energy, so there are a lot of unseen things that I see and feel. But the things that Rakhee sees and feels in homes… It is amazing. She does not pick up on a few things. She oversees the entire energetic balance in separate rooms and the house as a total. And she is capable of changing the entire atmosphere. Not only of the house, but also between the people living there. She has balanced three homes for me now. The last home is in the south of France. It is big, light, looks out over the sea and has a wonderful garden. It has everything to feel good. But I didn’t. I felt very disconnected from myself and from my boyfriend. It led to a lot of quarreling. Now that she has balanced it, there is peace and harmony between the two of us. The house feels very ‘ home’. We can relax there now. And because she also has an eye for beauty, it looks a lot nicer and more spacious than it did before. There are a few things we had to move (a mirror, a box) which did not have our preference. But it is a small price to pay for a happy home. Thank you so much Rakhee. I will never live anywhere again without you balancing it first ''

Chris & Joy, France

Healing sessions with Ra has changed my life. After 15 years of trying several intense therapies, retreats and healing modalities in many countries and 30 years of searching for myself, I have finally found what works for me. I am healthier, mentally clearer, I am sleeping well, I am emotionally much more stable, contended and happy, coming in terms with the loss of my sister, accepting my traumas and ancestral patterns and all of this is also showing in my work. I can let go of things more easily now and I am a generally more happier person than before. I am also much less reactive to stressful situations, which allows me to find solutions that are less emotionally charged. I have had several profound insights during the mind healing sessions. I have been able to feel the difference between what is me and not me, what is causing me worry to name a few.. I have also had blissful moments of oneness within myself and to nature around me. As if I can feel the oneness between myself and nature now. Rakhee & Jorge are a fantastic team, they work with so much compassion and openness, Jorge gave me the Realigning therapies and they have a direct effect on the energy body. I have always had a soul to soul communication with them. They helped me to get to this happier state where I appreciate my partner, my life and myself. I feel my own strength and soul now and I am truly grateful for everything.

Jan van Geffen, Netherlands

Emotionally, soul wise and internally, there was a huge transition, literally like a demon inside me who wanted to stay on, while the angel was slowly and softly encouraging me to let go of the demons and accept the change which was happening. Telling me to trust the universe more, trust life more, trust the goodness and to take the help giving by the divine intervention of Rakhee ! I was so ready for this huge change after close to 38 years of my life that I took all steps even if it meant using up all my energy, I just did it! I trusted the help was I receiving from the goodness herself and I surrendered to God almighty and God’s messenger Rakhee! And felt it would be now or never and went on changing and changing. All in all I was extremely surprised by the immediate benefits and I just thanked God and Rakhee for giving me such deep soul help ☺ Internally I feel more at peace and I have started enjoying life more that I did before. I am working on letting go of my past and my inner demons haven’t bothered me anymore, which I am hoping it remains this way. My fear and doubts seem to have disappeared and I feel more at peace. On an ending note, I would highly recommend you to go to Rakhee for the Mind healing therapy as it shows immediate benefits and it is incredible. I was considering a divorce before meeting Rakhee, but now I have fallen in love with my husband again.

Anita Arjan, Den Bosch

Rakhee’s diagnosis was precise and accurate, not vague or generalized. She even named the exact bone which had the imbalance of energy (that bone was fractured in an accident that happened years ago). I was witnessing all this inopen mouthed wonder and awe. For my friends, it was an ethereal and a very surreal experience. It is unbelievable for them that a person who they just met over Skype could see some very personal physical and emotional struggles they have.


Rakhee has a wonderful gift, of being connected with several realms seamlessly. I found my conversations with Rakhee spiritually uplifting and imparting deep wisdom. Thank you sweetheart for your generosity and humility.


During the healing session, Rakhee took me to an all different world where I could feel energies moving inside me. I could feel the energy of my own heart and feel the initiation of Rakhee's energy and healing which was an amazing experience. My life took a positive turn and Rakhee showed me a way to look at things from a different perspective. I do not know what I would do without Rakhee… Those who know Rakhee are indeed blessed. Thank you so much, for all the wonderful support and healing


Rakhee is absolutely amazing and gifted! After utilizing Rakhee’s element healing services for my house, the energy felt completely different and I began experiencing profound changes in my life! Rakhee is truly a gifted healer!


A few weeks ago, after intense heartful sessions of healing with Rakhee, she advised me to start with sacred plant energy medicine, so I could take next step in my healing and awakening process. This helps me to be my own healer with the help of the sacred plants. I used it three times during 3 weekends. Three drops as advised by Rakhee.It’s so wonderful!!I am sleeping very deep and relaxed, always dreaming very clear!So fantastic to feel: there is such a deep relaxation in my mind and body, no pain in my knees and no difficulties to move!!The sacred plant energy with the guidance of Rakhee gives a very deep healing!I feel the high frequency of the sacred medical plants and their collaboration with me to heal. It is magical and I am so happy i can experience this!


I have faced a lot of unfortunate incidents for the last 20 years of my life and it’s a parade of event after event. I cannot remember one day when I must have slept peacefully. Nightmares involving monstrous wild animals and natural disasters disturbed my sleep cycle too. Rakhee could sense it, though we live in different continents. She could tell me the exact cause of my nightmares and I was able to find a solution through element healing and her intuitions. Rakhee has a gift beyond human perception.I would not be living with hope if Rakhee had not been in my life.


I have known Rakhee for a long long time. Although we lived in the same neighborhood we had to move to different continents for us to become close friends. The connection we made was ethereal. There were days when Rakhee would message me out of the blue and ask me about my back pain and I would actually be experiencing a lot of pain. Once Rakhee asked me how my breathing was. She sensed from beyond the seas that something was wrong with my respiration and I was having the worst cold and sinus infection I can remember. I happened to be present while Rakhee was communicating with two people she had met for the first time. Rakhee just started making a connection with them spiritually and made very specific remarks about their physical health and about their relationships with the members of their families. That experience was remarkable and I was left speechless. It’s magical. Rakhee is truly blessed with strong powers. I am highly honored to have known her in my lifetime. Last, but not least, I was suffering from hair loss due to stress, change in water after moving to the US and so on. I bought the “Goddess Hair” oil from Rakhee and I am using the second bottle now. Not only has it stopped hairfall, my hair feels thicker and has grown longer, and I get very good sleep at night. Thank you for all your support, Rakhee. I wonder what I would do without you!

Poornima. Malathy, United States

Rakhee’s heart is open an pure, full up of compassion and she has a deep understanding of human body, mind and soul. She is a very gifted person and she can see the energy in human body so she knows where the imbalances are and how to bring balance again with shamanic techniques.For a week every day my son, also a high sensitive crystal child, received therapy in your center. We felt like at home. My son is now more in balance, his anxiety levels have dropped and he has learnt to relax and use pulse points to relax himself when he is nervous. Rakhee and Jorge work as a team doing the therapies and treat patients with great love and respect.I would like thank you from the deepest of my heart for taking care of us. You are my soul sister and friend and I know I can rely on you at all times. I thank the Universe to guide me to a gifted shaman to help us in our path

Montse & family, Spain

Rakhee has a warm pure heart and beautiful bright soul that radiates across oceans to me here in Australia. Her gifts r astounding, guiding, insightful and reassuring. From Rakhee’s reading I gained extremely valuable direction for the wellbeing of both myself and my precious family. Rakhee exudes caring, understanding, love and purpose to heal and guide. Our lives have been made brighter by her presence in them today. Thank u, thank u, thank u Rakhee for being you!! Love always from my heart to yours