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Need for Ancestral Healing

Need for Ancestral Healing

All my life, I have seen my grandmother as a mental patient. Back in the days in India, (right after the independence from the long colonial rule) people were made to believe that Natural medicine,Vedic and Shamanic, indigenous knowledge was primitive or superstition, most of the therapy systems were banned. So, my grandfather took her to the best psychiatrist in our city. Even though we had Shamans and oracles in the family for generations, her suffering continued. She suffered so much that she was ready to die even before her time, she tried to run away from home so many times, everyone lost count of it.

She was given a handful of chemical medicines twice a day, so she wouldn’t get emotional or in other words show her pain and suffering to the outside world. Everybody in the family cared for her, still she was heartbroken and there was nothing that could heal her broken heart. I have noticed how her energy changes when I would play with her hair or hold her hands and sit beside her. I have had wonderful conversations and beautiful moments with her. I have laughed and cried in her arms…. a lot of gentle loving healing happened inside both of us, but I did not know how to step into her sub-conscious mind. I knew that is where I need to get access to if I need to help her heal deeply. But the drugs were so strong, they destroyed her brain and energy body too badly, by the time I turned 15 years and started working with plant alchemy.I knew it was not just her looks she passed down to me, she also passed down her heart to me, along with that her deep wounds.

Her suffering has been the greatest pain that got passed down to me via her son, my father. I knew I had break this deep trauma and a life time full of suppression, so I dedicated many years of my life to understand myself and where I really come from.

When I finally started making Plant – Energy medicines that work with the mind, she had passed. I strongly believe that she helped me complete this incredible quest……I knew if I had to access the spiritual wisdom and guidance from my masters, I need to clean up, make space for new patterns.

This is the reason why I do what I do now with people who are suffering like my grandmother and daughters and granddaughters like me who are suffering and carrying ancestral trauma.

From my deep wounds, I learned all that I know about healing trauma and ancestral patterns. So please let us allow our wounds to heal us……!

Listen to your heart, get tuned to your inner compass, your spiritual wisdom. Take your healing and life in your hands, Believe me, if I can stand in my Goddess power, heal from years of spiritual, mental, emotional & physical abuse…….you can too. 🙏🙏🙏

I send a prayer today to each one of you who still carry wounds from your grandmothers and grandfathers, from your mothers and fathers, from many generations before you!!
May you be healed & loved fully!   

Be Love! Be Kind!

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