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Inperson Healing program



Owning your story can be hard, but not nearly as hard as trying to live in your own shadow and running away from yourself all your life.Why spend the good years of your life beating yourself up or blaming people & circumstances, If you are tired of these patterns, take your first steps to healing now. 

One of the options you have:-

Work with me IN-PERSON

After the Intake session, we will plan the In-person session. My practice space is also in my home. As this felt the most natural for me, and this is also how my great grandfather who was also a Shaman worked, when we work with the soul, it felt unnatural to work in a clinic like space where we bound by time. So you literally come in to my space, like a sister or a friend who’s visiting.  This’s also why I am choosy about who I work with.

If you would like me to organize a workshop or program for your business/ company, please contact me via mail. We can make a custom- made workshop or session depending upon the need.

I love to treat my clients the way I love to be treated. This means you will be working 1:1 with me where I hold space for you as your personal Shaman . Through out the program, you also receive chat & email support.

I have always put quality above quantity,this is also the reason why I offer 1:1 sessions and this is why results are guaranteed when we work together. We don’t want the cost of services to be a barrier if you are in need of support. Please contact us for more information regarding how we can work together according to your budget. 

 wholeheartedly teach everything I have learned from the spirits & my masters so you can end this war which’s going on inside your heart, head, body & brain. I am now the mentor & sister who I once wish I had, when I was a young girl struggling to own up to my mission.We also have pay it forward programs ( supporting Ngo’s in India & Sri Lanka regularly )& also sponsorship programs to continue our Karma yoga. 

In-person sessions are usually between 2.5 – 3 hours. This 1:1 service which is priced at 345 euros excluding 21% taxes per session. Number of sessions and number of hours fully depend on the severity of your depression, burn out and stress problems. The first step to an Inperson or an Online session is a ‘Soul Reading’. 

With that said, It’s not just a healing program or mentoring program for entrepreneurs with depression or burn out. I also have amazing entrepreneurs who love to see me once or twice a month, so they can stay tuned in their Soul’s full capacity, clarity & essence refresh their mind and go back into their super busy lives.

How to bring soul into businesses has been one of my passionate subjects while working with global business leaders. This is also the reason why I have limited slots open every few months for V.I.P programs.

Simply because I work with successful entrepreneurs, I don’t stay away from my duty to be of service to students. As you can read from my extensive testimonials in the Home page as well as testimonials page, you can see I love to change the world by offering quality services to people in all walks of life!

So be it a Global leader or a local business owner or a struggling student, there’s always a way to work with me, if you are serious about changing your personal life & business!

Looking forward to helping you move forward,



Soul Reading – Energy Scan

Our journey together starts with this Soul Reading – Energy Scan. This reading can be done in -person or online. This means you can sit anywhere in the world and still be able to do this breakthrough energy reading.
This reading will reveal the missing pieces of  your soul and energy that is wounded/ not whole and which requires healing.
Whatever is surfacing in terms of ancestral trauma, patterns, fears will be noted and later used during mentoring/ guiding sessions, Subconscious Mind healings and Realigning.
I connect with your soul and ancestral spirits to look into the energetic blocks, traumas and patterns that are laying hidden in you.
I also journey to the Spirit world for you( before I meet you in person ) to retrieve necessary information.
This is also a breakthrough healing session, where your energy body opens up for a complete new shift. It is advised to reserve some time after the session , best to avoid rushing to another appointment or commitment, this also gives your energy body and nervous system to register the shift – transformation from within yourself.
Please don’t consume alcohol, tobbacco, coffee & sugar three days before and after the session.

Duration – 1 hour can be 1.5 hours

Consultation charges – 450 euros excluding 21 % taxes , this includes the healing aswell as custom made Plant medicines that will be used during our Realigning & mind healing sessions

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Sub-conscious Mind Healing

During this session, I help you release old patterns and blocks and create new space in your Sub-conscious mind. So you can stop re-living the pain and trauma of your ancestors and plant new dreams and start manifesting the life of your dreams. This healing can be done in -person only.

How this unique MIND Healing works –

When our body’s innate healing capacity is awakened, we heal, we grow, we awaken, we flourish ” – This is the heart beat of my work.

Without any psychedelic medicines or hypnosis, in deep silence, I can help you take a journey inwards by activating energy points on your head and help you get into the state of Deep Clear Sleep – Mind Healing, where healing energy is activated by the heart, body & mind. This is nothing like you have experienced before, as your body -mind – heart will be on a conscious state of healing journey.

This Energy work has been the result of 3 decades of my continuous dedication, discipline & practice. It has shown incredible results to people suffering from Burn out, Depression, Trauma from this life and beyond, Ancestral trauma, Stress related illnesses and also children and adults with Autism.

It is a combination of  Shamanic Energy work & Dream – Sleep Yoga.

With your permission, I touch healing points on your head to release the block on your Sahasrara / crown chakra, then I connect with your ancestors and spirit guides and bring you in a deep conscious sleep like state, where you are fully conscious and is able to tune into your inner compass and connect to the energy of your heart and to access your Sub-conscious mind. This is a highly empowering healing session, where you truly see/ feel how healing happens from deep within.

After activating this healing, I will leave you to enjoy this beautiful reconnecting process for an hour or more depending on your energy during that day.

Realigning energy body healing is done before Mind healing. This is to bring forth the mind and body connection and induce deep healing. It is advised to reserve some time after the session , best to avoid rushing to another appointment or commitment, this also gives your energy body and nervous system to register the shift – transformation from within yourself.

Duration – 1 hour 30 minutes including 15 mts guiding session before the healing and 15 mts after the healing.

Depending upon the severity of your stress and blocks, the duration can also extend upto 2,5 hours, We do not charge extra for this special time that we allow,we are happy to help you heal. So for each person we only charge the actual consultation charges. We also offer a one person’s bed with comfortable warm blankets to rest after the healing. You are free to bring your own pillow or blanket if you prefer.

Please don’t consume coffee & sugar before and after the session.

Your investment – 165 euros excluding 21 % taxes

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Realigning Energy body helps in releasing all that does not serve your body by releasing tensions, blocks, traumas, fears and doubts that stop you from being your true essence. It can connect your deeper layers and help you own who you are. This healing can only be done in-person.

This healing relieves emotional pain, trauma from this life , balance the energies, aligns your body and also helps maintain good health & vitality.

It is advised to reserve some time after the session , best to avoid rushing to another appointment or commitment, this also gives your energy body and nervous system to register the shift – transformation from within yourself.

Please don’t consume coffee & sugar before and after the session.

Duration –  1 hour

This healing is priced at – 180 euros excluding 21% taxes

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Your home has an effect on your Sub conscious mind, by balancing your home, you are taking a huge step to balancing your thoughts and thereby working on your Sub -conscious mind. 

Because the individual is cosmic, everything about individual life should be in full harmony with cosmic life. This is why it is important to live in a balanced home. 

I offer a fully customized version of  Clearing, Healing & Realigning energies which focus on bringing harmony to buildings with the laws of natural elements.

Basic  Reading 

Through a basic reading you can get insight to the first three things that show up when I study your floor plan. There won’t be any remedies discussed. But this will help you to decide about the rent/ purchase or to continue living there.

Tell me what you are looking for or struggling with ( steady finance, relationship, better health etc)

What I will need from you – I will need photos- front side and back side) ,video of the home, a floor plan if you have or you can also draw a simple one and send me.In three days time you will receive my advice via email.

Your investment – 450 euros excluding 21% taxes. Please note this quote is for a home /apartment which is less than 300 sq.feet. If your home is bigger, send in your floor plan to get a quote.

Finding the Perfectly Aligned Home 

This is specially for people who want to buy a new home.

This package for 3 houses is priced at 1650 euros excluding 21% taxes.

Tell me what you are looking for or is struggling with( steady finance, relationship, better health etc)

I will need photos- front side and back side) ,video of the home, a floor plan if you have or you can also draw a simple one and send me.

In 7 days time you will receive my advice via email. Please note these prices are for homes that are less than 300 sq feet. If the homes are bigger, please send in the floor plan to receive a quote.

Advanced Reading + Cleansing + Element Healing & Realigning for your Home / Office

Through an advanced reading, I will step in with the guidance of Guiding Spirits and Element energies be to cleanse, balance, heal and energize your home and teach you custom made cleansing methods considering the energy system of your home, to naturally regenerate your home every day.

You will receive a detailed custom made e-mail with my set of advice for every room in your house.

Price depends upon the sq: feet, starts from 1950 euros excluding 21% taxes.
Please send in your ground plan to get a quote.

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What happens at the end of your sessions

Understanding of your Energy

Your leave with a deep understanding of your energy blocks, strengths & unhelpful patterns.You become systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world - sub-conscious mind & your emotions. You also understand the language of your heart & body and start making heart centered decisions for yourself.


Healing on a Soul level

Our sessions are a clear way of understanding yourself on a soul level along with healing ancestral karma, trauma and patterns which block you from living your dream life. All of this is done while maintaining full consciousness.


End of the healing program

As we work with your deep wounds - fears, strengths and patterns, the healer in you is activated, so ultimately when you finish the complete deep healing program you leave with a lot of tools & techniques ( Soul Reading + a minimum of 10 mind healings & Realigning of Energy body sessions + Diet guidance, you are on your way to learning to be your own healer by understanding your patterns, wounds, strengths, physical & emotional layers along with your spiritual strengths. Like all learning, it is up to you to build spiritual discipline needed to use your intuition and practice what I help you see, feel and understand during our sessions. Please note that this is not applicable for people with Depression or burn out. For them depending on the severity, more sessions will be needed.