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Name – Four key steps to improve your Superpower

Name – Four key steps to improve your Superpower

Our consciousness creates our world, our reality and I am going to help you make your own reality. The elder shamans say – to fully heal yourself, you must become a healer, that is a person of power and knowledge; and “it’s not enough just to gather information and facts, you’ve got to grow” … to put it to practical use in your life.

No, you must not just deal with your immediate blocks you don’t just deal with your goals for tomorrow, you have to look at yourself on a deep level – what I call a Soul level and learn to be in the present moment, from that level. This is when magic starts to unfold…..

When I initiate such a healing in person; I hold on strongly to the present moment while I call and team up with the ancestors and Spirit guides of the person I am working with, to give you a fully custom made healing process for you and yes I train you to unlock your super powers! OHMY! I so so love my work! So every healing gets you a step closer to helping you build a complete new reality, a complete new destiny!

And if I can do this, anybody can do this. No, it was not easy, but here I am a huge proof of being able to rise above several different kinds of ancestral trauma, horrible anxiety, prolonged mystery illnesses and other illnesses such as Tuberculosis and horrid patterns which really made me so miserable.

I have turned my life plus the life of my family around completely and I know it is possible for each one of you to make your dream life.

Many people believe that only certain individuals have the ability to shape the world around them. Do you feel that way too?

That only the “special ones” are able to change their destiny. But the truth is, all of us have that capability.

We just haven’t learned how to use it yet.

This ability is what I like to call ‘ Super power ‘So how can you work on your Super power?

It is my goal & great honor to reconnect you to your own power and wisdom, so you can “grow” in your life.

Here are 4 main steps to get started, do try and let me know!

1) Go beyond your Ego Mind –

This is where your true and pure Spiritual side is.

2) Change unhelpful beliefs about yourself –

Our core beliefs are at the very center of who we are, what we believe about ourselves, what we think of others and how we feel about life as a whole.

3) Listen & Connect with your body’s messages –

This will help you in knowing the signals your guides are giving through your body and of course along with understanding the actual needs of your body and also understand illness and its deep patterns.

4) Create an active Dream life – Our dreams assist our brains in processing the many emotions we feel everyday.

Before I leave, I want to remind you – There are no rules. Please do not get stuck with any kind of rules. Allow yourself freedom, this is key during Spiritual growth.

Do all things with great LOVE!
Be Love. Be Kind!
Peace & love,

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