Our journey together, starts with ” Soul Reading – Energy Scan” . This reading can be done in -person or online. This means you can sit anywhere in the world and still be able to do this breakthrough energy reading.
This reading will reveal the missing pieces of your soul and energy that is not whole / wounded and which requires healing.
Please note – Soul reading is not offered on its own. It is offered only as a part of the healing program.
Whatever is surfacing in terms of ancestral trauma, patterns, fears will be noted and later used during the Subconscious Mind healings and Realigning sessions.
I connect with your soul and ancestral spirits to look into the energetic blocks, traumas and patterns that are laying hidden in you.
I also journey to the Spirit world for you ( Usually early morning, before meeting you in person on the day of your appointment )to retrieve necessary information.
This is also a breakthrough healing session, where your energy body opens up for a complete new shift.