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Journey within

Retreats with us are Pilgrimages. They are not the usual holidays or retreats. It is a journey to cleanse your mind - body- heart - gut- karma and to reunite with your soul, ultimately reconnecting with your ancestors and to the great spirit.
f you’re ready to open your soul to energy, expand your consciousness and receive deep wisdom and power, this experience is for you.

During this spiritual pilgrimage you learn to make deep contact with yourself on a mind – body- heart – soul – spirit level. On this journey you actively reconnect with your ancestors, your soul, gut , chakras and journey to the spirit world with complete guidance.

It is also are an opportunity to be spend the whole day with us; ask, share, all that which truly matters to you. Here you learn to work with the power of your mind & heart. Here you experience the power of silence & the power of chanting. Here you feel the healing effect of energy medicine & healing Soul foods. Here you are seen, appreciated & cherished for all that you are. Here you learn to come out of your shell and dance! It is a call to your authenticity! Are you ready?

If you want to:-

  • Connect with your ancestors and to learn how to ask for their guidance.
  • Spend your days in a meditative environment allowing you to dive deep within your energy system, that help you understand yourself on a Soul level.
  • Make immense progress in healing your gut & root wounds/ imbalances.
  • Feed your soul with specially made Spiritual foods filled with energy medicine that cleanse, detox and rejuvenate you from deep inside
  • Learn to be mindful and to get in touch with your beautiful energy.
  • Continuously work with your Inner demons/ blocks/ patterns/ strengths
  • Receive Mind healing everyday and work on your Sub-conscious mind.
  • Leave your anxiety and stress behind.
  • Be in a place where you can leave all the masks behind and be yourself in a pure state.
  • Get your mentor & personal shaman, for 7 days who knows how you are on a soul level
  • Participate in exclusive rituals performed under the moon & stars, with soulful music, that transforms and purifies oneself, helps you journey to your heart, source, to the Universe.

If this speaks to your heart, contact us to receive details about Retreat/ Pilgrimage

Retreat : July 31st – August 10th 2018 – Kerala,India

Retreat : – July 31st- August 8th 2019 – Portugal

Upcoming Retreat : July 31st – August 8th 2020 – Spain

Please note that Pilgrimages/ Retreats are only for people who have worked with me online or in-person. This helps us keep the quality of our programs to the highest possible standard. Thank you for your understanding. Namaste!