Waalwijk, The Netherlands


Spiritual Intervention – Course – Step 1

Why Spiritual Intervention?
  • Become intimately connected to your true, infinite nature.
  • Learn to take the first big steps to stand in your strength by unlocking the power of your heart
  • Open to the flow of abundance, creativity, joy, compassion, and love.
  • Feel at peace with uncertainty, ready to embrace the gifts of the unknown.
  • Be inspired to continue on your quest in peace, experiencing yourself as love, light, darkness all that is in-between and beyond.
  • Step into pure awareness with the help of tools and techniques that help you strengthen your core practice. 
  • Be introduced to your wise, “higher” self who is compassionate, strong yet grounded and gentle and has the courage and wisdom to find answer to all of life’s problems.

This is a 10 week online program designed for

Conscious women & men who want to take learn about Energy work & Shamanic – Ancient Sacred Practices

Weekly email support
Study in a small group
These courses are designed to create an awareness and understanding of how we can reconnect to our heart, energy system, to the divinity & oneness in us and there by experiencing the oneness with the Universe. The individual is encouraged to find dimensions beyond ‘self ‘ and are personally guided by me.
Learn to connect with God/ Source/the Universe/ Spirit – the all-loving Divine energy that is within everyone and everything.
 I wish to aspire to connect you with a definition of spirituality that fits you and supports your power!

Develop a Deeper Connection with yourself & the Universe

Learn new ways of connecting deeply to yourself, discovering who you are and how you can connect deeply to the people that you love.

I have created this course with the intention of connecting you with your Divine power, spiritual gifts and unlimited energy so you can live a fully empowered life; and take your first steady steps in healing into your own hands by learning sacred practices and bringing them into your daily life ! After successful completion of this course, you can learn next level Course 2, where you will learn more deeper Energy techniques, Sacred practices & Energy Healing work

What you will learn –  

  • Understand about your energy system, blocks and your strong energy centers
  • Learn to connect with your ancestors, animal and spiritual guides
  • How to strengthen your energy centers with the help of one of the elements that resonate the most with you.
  • How to breathe to be alive and How to breathe to feel alive
  • Understand the practical steps you need to take to strengthen your Emotional, Spiritual and Energy body
  • Learn to let go of what doesn’t serve your soul
  • How to cleanse your body and take in energy from mother earth
  • Learn ancient healing technique to improve vitality and energy in your body
  • Increase Self-Awareness, especially with regard to the Truth of Your Heart
  • Learn all you need to know about negative energy and what you must know if you are an empath or healer

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