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Why & When Meditation is NOT enough

Why & When Meditation is NOT enough

Simply meditating everyday doesn’t promote inner growth. When most of us start to walk the path of finding ourselves on a deeper level, which is the Soul work process of inner growth, it is very common to immediately incorporate meditation into our daily routines. Don’t get me wrong. Meditation is extremely beneficial, especially if we lack awareness of the self and of the world around us. It is a wonderful tool when we are trying to be more conscious in our daily lives.Unfortunately, the meditation practice — like many others — can drag us to the myth of the divided self; the inner duality that considers our basic human condition as flawed, not good enough and even sinful & unworthy. This is sadly because of the mindset that we repeatedly keep hearing from the so called experts, asking people to focus only on exploring their “higher selves,” we eventually start rejecting or running away from any part of us, keep our energies not grounded , get by everyday life as if we are hanging by a thread from above, avoiding all the parts of us that we consider idealistically imperfect, With this new weapon we continue to break, punish and abandon ourselves altogether in the process.

Tired of meditating for years and not seeing results? Still stuck in the same place in your life and business?

Here are 3 steps that can help you to get started:-

1) Reduce your stress level – This is a very important step, if your body and mind is stressed out, you will hardly be able to be present in your body. Go for walks in the nature, write, dance, sing, draw, paint, cook do all that allows your soul more freedom.

2)Be truthful about how you feel about yourself, where you are in life right now- This will help you to be more accepting, receiving, grateful but also help you to get your facts straight and see where and why you need help. You can also write down what you feel.

3)Learn to be mindful both – on a mind and body level – Stop at regular intervals during the day, be aware of your thoughts and your bodily feeling.

These steps are the basic stepping stones we use, but very essential ones which are totally overlooked by too many.

Do try these steps and let me know how it was for you!

Do all things with great LOVE.Be Love. Be Kind!
Love, Ra

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