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Do you feel a deep, unexplainable pain in your heart that makes you feel lonely & depressed even though the world looks at you and see a successful entrepreneur or professional ?Are you constantly feeling powerless, isolated, unseen and unheard? Are you looking for a way to get to the root causes of your physical & emotional problems? Are you trying to find more Inner peace & alignment in your life & business? Are you tired of the conventional therapy systems that only touch the surface of your problems? Tired of feeling like life has slipped out of your hands?

If your answers is a 'YES', you have found the right person to guide you to take power back into your life with ease, grace and compassion. I LOVE helping women to embody the divine spirit in them. I help you transform pain into power, so you can stand firmly in your truth to make a difference in your family, business & community. 🌿🙏🏽 This is my humble way of co-creating with the spirit for all of humanity. 💛I help you to reconnect to the language of your soul, mind, heart & body system so you can heal from stress disorders, depression and burn-out.

I am a Shaman by birth & calling, a Research Philosopher by degree, Bhakti yogi by nature & a Karma yogi by choice. I teach visonary women to get in touch with their heart & soul, bring deep awareness in understanding the part 'soul & mind' ( Atma shuddhi & Mana shuddhi) plays in healing emotional, psychological & spiritual sickness.

Learn the tools, techniques & sacred spiritual practices that continues to help hundreds of proffessionals around the world. Learn the language of your heart and understood how to transform yourselves from being a stressed out teamplayer or a CEO to a creative, productive, enthusiastic, healthy, balanced & compassionate human.

It is a true honour to share the Indian - Shamanic wisdom of my ancestors & work with ancient Indian healing plant spirits to help heal the wounds of your heart & soul.My mission is to help integrate energy work, spirit work & a higher spiritual awareness into everyday life.

The last thirty years of my life journey as a Shaman has helped me develop a one of a kind shamanic energy healing with the help of my masters, plant medicine & spiritual guides. This helps me to take you on a journey to realign your chakra - energy system, activate soul - mind & heart healings to help in healing depression, anxiety, stress problems & burn out. Every session in the Healing program is a fully custom-made session allowing me to dive deep into your blocks, struggles, Inter-generational / ancestral trauma, goals & dreams.

It is also a pure joy to help women create their own spiritual practices & rituals beautifully woven together from many wisdom traditions around the world, to empower them to understand & embrace their own spiritual roots. My spiritual gifts allow me to get to the root causes of spiritual & emotional problems, channel wisdom & healing guidance from the spirit world and connect to you on a Soul level, this means you have a mentor who can help you on a soul- mind - body - spirit level. If you are in search of a natural, authentic way of healing instead of taking chemical pills to numb your emotions, If you are ready to dive deep to find out the root causes of your emotional rollercoster & find your own healing medicine, Let's get started.

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