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Are you ready to stop going in circles about the problems in your personal life & business and start living your best - balanced possible life? Is your business and personal life stuck because you have NO energy left for yourself, your goals and people around you? Is your work and family life suffering because you feel stressed/ lost/tired / invisible & over worked? Are you READY to be the master of your own energy & emotions and take life & dreams into your own hands? If your answers is a 'YES', you are in the right place and has found the right person to guide you.

I help Entrepreneurs (healers & coaches) to create continued success in their lives by helping them master their own energy, balance their mind - body -soul - spirit system so they can continue to give their best to their clients and families.

My mission is to help integrate energy work, spirit work & higher awareness into everyday life. Once we learn to touch our '' Inner peace''/ '' Healing Energy'' we begin to transform. It is not just a matter of faith in the Universe; it is a matter of practice - for your whole energy system to unlearn; so you can feel at home in your mind - body & soul.

A Research Master Philosopher by degree, a Shaman - Energy Healer at heart and a (successful)Entrepreneur, I am able to bridge the challenges entrepreneurs & professionals face while scaling their vision for personal life & business.

The last thirty years/ 3 decades of my life journey as a Shaman has helped me design a unique healing system which integrates the mind - body - soul & spirit and naturally awakens deep within you your own peaceful, balanced state from where you can access your own body's healing energy & Innate wisdom. Every session is a fully custom made session allowing me to dive deep into your blocks, struggles, Inter-generational / ancestral trauma, strengths & dreams.

My spiritual gifts allow me to get to the root causes of spiritual & emotional problems, channel wisdom & healing guidance from the spirit world and connect to you on a Soul level, this means you have a mentor who can help you on a soul- mind - body -soul - spirit level. I guide you in your healing through your own experiences that surfaces for you during mind healing and after the healing, where words cannot access or go, experience captures. And this makes every session, a deep healing journey, giving you immense strength, wisdom & possibility to rebuild your life!

Life is a precious gift
and... It's time to unwrap your presence & potential

Yes, you can integrate your spiritual & human side - have beautiful relationships, continued success, good health, spiritual growth and joy! No. It won't take you months & years to start seeing profound changes… you can bring clarity, awareness & deep healing your life in just 6 -10 sessions. With every session you will be moving forward, start feeling lighter, clearer, realigned, reconnected and awakened from deep within.

Only thing is I don't work with victims. So please write me when you are done being a victim! Write me, when you are ready to rebuild your personal life & business fully aligned to your Soul's greatest calling!

Your Personal Healing Program under the guidance of Spirits

Discover The Way To Your Soul - Reading & Energy Scan

This reading reveals the missing pieces you need to know about yourself, to understand how you are from the inside. This reading will be my map into your energy system when we work together. Whatever is surfacing in terms of ancestral trauma, patterns, fears will be noted and later used as reference during the rest of the healing sessions. I connect with your soul and ancestral spirits to look into the energetic blocks, traumas and patterns that are laying hidden in you.

Re-program your Sub Conscious Mind

Sub-conscious mind healing is life changing, It gives you the experience of connecting with your own Superpower/Inner voice/ Inner guide, helps you to create '' FLOW'' in your life, brings clarity to your mind, improves your intuition, helps you unlock your spiritual gifts and heal from ancestral patterns, traumas & stress. With this healing, I am bringing you in a deep state of awareness to create space for new beginnings by helping you let go of deep rooted Ancestral trauma & unhelpful beliefs.<br />

Realign your Energy System

When you realign your bodily energy system, you learn to listen to your body and get a deeper understanding of Ancestral traumas and blocks within you. This allows you to step into your unique power position, get in touch with your Super powers and put an end to the victim role. It is my goal & honor to reconnect you to your own power and wisdom, so you can “grow'' in your life.

Healing through Food as Medicine

Imagine if you can learn to listen and understand what your body is trying to tell you. Good news – Our body is always working with us and for us and our body is always trying to communicate to us. What is the easiest way to rebuild this connection? Food! Yes, through the gut we can rebuild and reconnect. Are you ready to take a step towards our vessel here on earth?Connect your mind , body in balance, without starving yourself or changing the whole essence of your being.

Awaken the Healer Within you

When our body's innate healing capacity is awakened, we heal, we grow, we awaken, we flourish. Everyone has the ability to heal and be healed. While working with me, you will learn to recognize what needs to be healed within your body, deepen your connection with your Spirit guides and then learn to use your natural abilities to work with your energy to bring healing to your body and mind.

Realigning Energy of Living Spaces

Your home has an effect on your Sub conscious mind, by balancing your home, you are taking a huge step to balancing your thoughts and thereby working on your Sub -conscious mind. Because the individual is cosmic, everything about individual life should be in full harmony with cosmic life. This is why it is important to live in a balanced home



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