Power of the Heart - For Entrepreneurs and Creative Minds

This is a one of a kind, custom made program where I dive deep with you to find your own healing medicine, renewing your connection to your heart, soul and body as well as to ancestors and spirit guides. If you are struggling with depression or burnout, in 10 sessions, you will take huge steps forward from this phase, to a steady space where you can start rebuilding your life. You will step into a divine and soulful space within yourself, where you can express your whole and most true self and be witnessed like you never have been before.
Expect to radically shift, burst open, leave behind your limited beliefs and take responsibility for your life. Expand into your full self, truth, abundance and passion. Be in deep service to yourself and what matters most to you. Gain clarity and a vision of you that is stronger and more incredible than one you’ve ever had before. There is Shamanic drumming, healing and journeying as well as shamanic mentoring during every session.
Some of the things you reconnect with after our sessions:- Stillness: no longer being controlled by your mind and the wounds of the past, so you become present. Groundedness: you feel yourself inside your body rather than having parts of you wandering outside of yourself. Openness - energetically open to receiving feelings, ideas, thoughts, knowings because you are at peace. Connectedness - you are moved into the unified field with a deep knowing that you are connected to all things. Why Spiritual Intervention?
  • Become intimately connected to your true, infinite nature.
  • Journeying to find the Medicine that is in your Shadow
  • Transcending & Integrating your wounds
  • Learn to take the first big steps out of depression and burn out, stand in your strength by unlocking the power of your heart
  • Open to the flow of abundance, creativity, joy, compassion, and love.
  • Feel at peace with uncertainty, ready to embrace the gifts of the unknown.
  • Be inspired to continue on your quest in peace, experiencing yourself as love, light, darkness all that is in-between and beyond.
  • Step into pure awareness that helps you strengthen your core spiritual practice.
  • Be introduced to your wise, “higher'' self who is compassionate, strong yet grounded and gentle and has the courage and wisdom to find answers to all of life's problems.